Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Lost in Britannia

(Left to right) My sister, myself and my Grandma.
It's been a short while has it not? Did I die? I hope not as i may be living on as a disheveled spirit still living out my routine functions (like not working on music!)

I went to the UK with my husband and visited family, we travelled through the streets of my gloomy home town and to that of the local villages. If you are interested we made a photo album that's mostly us snapping pics of random, sad locations but thats what I like so it's OK.

View Photo's Here

Jesse became infatuated with a little terracotta roof dragon on my dads neighbors house that we would say hello to almost ritualistically, Jesse liked to imagine it would let out little puffs of smoke and try to intimidate you, letting out something akin to an old cats mew. Other than that we would spend our days wandering the town, visiting old locations and just as old a friend.

Onto the audio work, stuff has been happening slowly but I came to a standstill with the travels and finding more equipment, luckily I was able to get back my 4 track and some other gear which came back to the USA with me. Now Man Outdoors may become a duo project as Jesse has shown interest in electronic music and it would be nice If we could share this project together.

I am working on a new album, have some tracks made but i'm trying to reprocess them and re-edit them to new, higher standards which probably won't show through.

Will be more up to date with this blog, not to fond of my facebook group page thing but go chekc my instagram for animal pictures and synth pics.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

All's good on the front line

I apologies for the excessive silence, battled a nasty virus that left me bed ridden and puking/coughing violently for nearly 2 weeks! I have also been inundated with work on my "day to day" job working in the hot, Californian sun which my pale British skin can't handle to well.

On top of the above I have been attempting to move myself and my husband into a new property for some time with delays occurring when we get ever so close to the actual move, this means that most of my synths are boxed up ready to take, along with power cables, audio jacks and such being bagged and boxed for the ease of transport. I could just stick to my laptop but I feel kind of useless without an actual synth to grab loop from, or a good drum machine to make beats.

I am making beats, getting access to more and more interesting equipment to play on, such as an electric organ that was used by ray Charles during a late 1970's tour (photos soon its like 2:30am) and finally getting around to learning how to play an actual set of drums for future tracks.

Oh yeah and if you want further reasons as to why I have been to busy to produce content i'll just leave you with my new friend whom I have wound up as a surrogate owner when her real owner is away. For some reason she latched onto me and no one else in the house hold so yeah, more responsibilities.

Little LuLu belle
Toothy little bastard!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Two releases!

So I put out two new releases on DB&M Records. Go get them now if you wish.

I also purchased another Electribe which will come in handy, that also means my collection is nearly complete for the first gen series of Electribes! Coming straight from Japan, the Electribe EM-1.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Whats going on in this world?

I have been trying my hardest not to just throw online all the music I have been making. I love giving my stuff away for others to hear but then I don't really get a chance to put out an album because everything is on soundcloud for free download anyways.

Albums are in the works but its going slow, I'm working to pay off some new equipment I purchased and want to thank my husband for the surprise Tascam recorder purchase. I tend to carry my sampler with me on trips and layovers at work so now i can actually record jams and not just set them up.

Tomorrow when I feel like it I'm putting up another $1 album which you can buy or rip if you want of some older works I recovered from a busted HDD. Nothing fancy just a little something for the people actually listening to my stuff.

Myself and ColbKeats have been pondering about doing some live jams over YouTube, we like to sit and jam now and again and talk shit about life so why not make it into a form of entertainment? we shall see.

What is going on in this crazy world of ours?

Friday, 4 November 2016

Prolonged silence

Its has been an insane few months of heavy work and equipment juggling, I am currently waiting on a bulk of used and new equipment to put in my studio space.

I have been on and off of music during these months but work does come first so something will be made soon and released with a few videos to boot.


Monday, 23 May 2016

New Release [ Oceans Away : EP ]