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My sister and her friend VeslomyI am going to the UK in December to visit my family and friends. I will enjoy a nice social drink with some friends and old work mates at one of he many fine establishments in Retford and do the same in the town of Gainsborough with my father and close friends.

Gainsborough is my home town, not born but raised there from a very young age. I have to admit I hate the town a lot, it's rife with many horrid individuals but I keep getting drawn back to it, I'm sure I am going to wind up moving back there and ultimately dying there but I guess it won't be all bad, I'll be amongst friends and family.



I will try and record some stuff while I am in the UK, most if not all of my friends play an instrument of some kind so I will see if we can get a little collaborative effort going on and work together. My friend Law plays the drums and seems to be the only one in my circle that does so, I hope I can grab him.


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