Friday, 20 July 2018

Under the California sun.

This heat is unforgivable and other than just general work it has contributed to my lack of creativity.

I hate the long dry spells with no rain and intense, skin breaking sun. I lay awake at night with the AC running full blast but still cannot get to sleep. Mostly it is the noise of the fan that keeps me up, Ive always been a silent sleeper. 

Friday, 4 May 2018

New synth, new tunes.

Okay so I purchased the Yamaha Reface DX. I did not know that these things existed until a week ago and after watching a few videos on YouTube I fell in love with the FM sounds.

Also new to me was MIDI over USB and I'm not talking about a USB to DIN adapter, this synth and a bunch of my others just work over USB and I had no idea, shows my ignorance, truly it does.

Me and my other half Jesse have worked on some tunes this week using our gear, I can safely say that Man Outdoors is now an electronic music duo (two fat balding males in an I'm project, as to be expected right?) and I'll throw some jams and tests on SoundCloud at some point.

We want to try video blogging as reading my drivel can be boring sometimes a d I feel it would help with sharing unreleased music and such, we will see through.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Man Out and About #2

Today I am in a somber mood, I feel a little stuffed up in the head, I'm trying desperately to pop my ears so everything doesn't sound all drowned out but I fear i might blow a blood vessel or something.

Pictured is an old peer, I very loosely would use the term friends but still, someone I knew for the largest portion of my secondary school life. Daniel White, died but a week ago aged 29 in a hospital most likely in the Lincoln area as the Gainsborough hospitals are pretty awful. I'm not going to write anything other than it's a shame that someone at such an age had to die, being just a month or two older than him kind of makes me reflect on my own mortality and that of my friends and family, I know death happens every day...hell every hour but when it's someone closer it hits harder.

Farewell you daft cunt.

:: Watching
. 8Bit Guys "Commodore history)". My Hero Academia S:3
. Deadman Wonderland

. Bottom (all series + live shows)

:: Hearing

Currently gracing my iPod is...
. AFX - Complete analord collection
. Haxan Cloak - Excavation
. The Caretaker - Everywhere at the end of time
. Cylob - Cymply the best 93-01
. Caustic Candle - Various Albums

:: Doing

. I have worked on some music, been sat in the spare room on my old Mac mini and cranking out some beats and tunes in Ableton and showing visiting family friends how my drum machines and such work.

. Being eaten alive by the bugs and such of pre-summer, my arm looks like I've been slowly picking the skin from it and now i have two bites on the back of my neck that hurt when I rub my shirt against them. I personally have always been a big fan of brutalism and concrete structures over gardens and nature.

. I want to be invited on a discussion about circuit bending or just equipment modding in general, I have way to many arguments with gear elitists over what stuff I "can" use and mod. It's none of their fucking business what I choose to do with my gear and as I stated once before if someone believes that I own a piece of equipment that shouldn't be modded then it is up to them to purchase it from me and not cry in the distance. I may do a post on this.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Ione and back (Timelapse)

More time-lapse fun, took this the other day when we went to pick up a friend in Ione, CA.

Shot this on my iPhone 4s which was crudely taped to my dashboard and used a stop-motion app (stopmotion studio) to capture the time-lapse.

Music by the good old ColbKeats (AKA Caustic Candle)

Saturday, 7 April 2018

A (Quite janky) Timelapse

Used my track "1930" which was slightly slowed down and set it to this time lapse I shot earlier today.

I took the photos using my old iPhone 4 which still makes a great camera for little projects. I was on the phone talking to family during this walk so I wound up not concentrating on it too much hence why I aim awkwardly.

Will try again soon and make a new track as I walk around the horse trail behind our house. 

Man Out and About #1

An old painting of mine, from 2010.
I have nothing audio or visual to show as I have, in all honesty been quite lazy and played games, worked a "real" job and just kind of walked aimlessly in the recent California rain. My husband Jesse, rightfully so has berated me for not making anything and being creative in general and suggested that so I don't feel like i'm wasting my money on unused domain names and cloud storage I should do a bi-weekly blog of some kind.

So that is what I will do and I will call it "Man Out and About", I will use it as a behind the scenes kind of thing showing what I am watching, reading, hearing and creating. People seem to like blogs like that and hopefully we can share some interests.

:: Watching

. Junji Ito Collection
Despite it's lower visual quality i'm actually enjoying this, have been a fan of Ito's work for many years now.
. My Hero Academia
. Versallies
. The Alienist

:: Hearing

Currently gracing my iPod is...
. AFX - Complete analord collection
. Haxan Cloak - Excavation
. The Caretaker - Everywhere at the end of time
. Cylob - Cymply the best 93-01

:: Doing

. I have restarted my daily walks to try and loose some weight, also gave up on the daily fast food rationing and started prepping more food at home to just try and live a little longer. This appears to be working as I have lost a little weight and just in general feel better for doing's also easier on my wallet.

. At a friends party a few weeks back I wound up chatting with the other music makers in the room, we kind of sectioned ourselves off from the others in the room by standing in the corner near the window (nice and cool night air to blow in on a pleasant conversation) but things got a little off when I started discussing a mod/bend I wanted to perform on my Yamaha SU10, I am apparently not allowed to mod my own equipment as one day it may become rare and thus very valuable...I don't care about this as I will be keeping all my gear till it dies, then when it does so I'll harvest the dead units for parts. It's funny when gear elitists tell you this but won't buy the gear from you to save it, especially when I mark up the value stating "it's worth more to me as modded gear than just selling it off at value price"

. My best mate in the UK Graeme Lawrence and his missus are expecting their second child, another daughter who is due to be born somewhere in June and I am happy as he is over the moon with this info. I will be sending gifts to them when it nears the birth.

. This week begins my new hobby of tending to the family chickens, something my mother-in-law has wanted to do for a long time, unfortunately one was very sickly and passed away before we got around to taking her to the vet but we will move on.

Hopefully something more happens, I'll see if I can keep this blogging thing up.

Good night.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Lost in Britannia

(Left to right) My sister, myself and my Grandma.
It's been a short while has it not? Did I die? I hope not as i may be living on as a disheveled spirit still living out my routine functions (like not working on music!)

I went to the UK with my husband and visited family, we travelled through the streets of my gloomy home town and to that of the local villages. If you are interested we made a photo album that's mostly us snapping pics of random, sad locations but thats what I like so it's OK.

View Photo's Here

Jesse became infatuated with a little terracotta roof dragon on my dads neighbors house that we would say hello to almost ritualistically, Jesse liked to imagine it would let out little puffs of smoke and try to intimidate you, letting out something akin to an old cats mew. Other than that we would spend our days wandering the town, visiting old locations and just as old a friend.

Onto the audio work, stuff has been happening slowly but I came to a standstill with the travels and finding more equipment, luckily I was able to get back my 4 track and some other gear which came back to the USA with me. Now Man Outdoors may become a duo project as Jesse has shown interest in electronic music and it would be nice If we could share this project together.

I am working on a new album, have some tracks made but i'm trying to reprocess them and re-edit them to new, higher standards which probably won't show through.

Will be more up to date with this blog, not to fond of my facebook group page thing but go chekc my instagram for animal pictures and synth pics.