Monday, 20 February 2017

Whats going on in this world?

I have been trying my hardest not to just throw online all the music I have been making. I love giving my stuff away for others to hear but then I don't really get a chance to put out an album because everything is on soundcloud for free download anyways.

Albums are in the works but its going slow, I'm working to pay off some new equipment I purchased and want to thank my husband for the surprise Tascam recorder purchase. I tend to carry my sampler with me on trips and layovers at work so now i can actually record jams and not just set them up.

Tomorrow when I feel like it I'm putting up another $1 album which you can buy or rip if you want of some older works I recovered from a busted HDD. Nothing fancy just a little something for the people actually listening to my stuff.

Myself and ColbKeats have been pondering about doing some live jams over YouTube, we like to sit and jam now and again and talk shit about life so why not make it into a form of entertainment? we shall see.

What is going on in this crazy world of ours?

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