Wednesday, 3 May 2017

All's good on the front line

I apologies for the excessive silence, battled a nasty virus that left me bed ridden and puking/coughing violently for nearly 2 weeks! I have also been inundated with work on my "day to day" job working in the hot, Californian sun which my pale British skin can't handle to well.

On top of the above I have been attempting to move myself and my husband into a new property for some time with delays occurring when we get ever so close to the actual move, this means that most of my synths are boxed up ready to take, along with power cables, audio jacks and such being bagged and boxed for the ease of transport. I could just stick to my laptop but I feel kind of useless without an actual synth to grab loop from, or a good drum machine to make beats.

I am making beats, getting access to more and more interesting equipment to play on, such as an electric organ that was used by ray Charles during a late 1970's tour (photos soon its like 2:30am) and finally getting around to learning how to play an actual set of drums for future tracks.

Oh yeah and if you want further reasons as to why I have been to busy to produce content i'll just leave you with my new friend whom I have wound up as a surrogate owner when her real owner is away. For some reason she latched onto me and no one else in the house hold so yeah, more responsibilities.

Little LuLu belle
Toothy little bastard!

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