D.O.B: 23 June 1989
Location: California, USA.

Phone/WhatsApp: +447707978250
Other Projects: ACK!!!, DJ Voon, Molonic Voon, Hitlerbuttsecks, Shota Cum Farm, Cock In Machine, SkatKnob, The Abusers, HATESOUND, Garbage Sound Systems, Sequence The Wolf.

Information: I have been making music since I was a young boy in 1999 using my fathers collection of tape recorder decks, guitars, pedals and toy synths I owned, this started off simply with me recording a simple tune over a drum loop onto a cassette and then playing that cassette back and playing another instrument over it into another recording cassette deck. Eventually I discovered the pause button on the cassette recorders and using that, holding notes on a synth or guitar between pauses and timing with a drum loop I was effectively "programming" the music and discovering that I could mess up the drum beats too by recording its beats at seemingly random but still timed paces.

In 2003 I was given the family computer, an old Windows 97 unit that was upgraded to Windows XP by a kind neighbour and some old animation and music making software. I remember using eJay but was very disappointed being constrained to pre-made loops but soon discovered goldwave and the joy of cutting up and re-arranging these tracks. I eventually saved up and purchased a copy of FLstudio and later on purchased a Novation Midi controller with gave me a copy of Ableton.

These days I work with both hardware and software as I like the freedom of choice and the differences in sounds, I am on of those that love the warm sound of analog instruments being fed through a plate reverb or reel-to-reel tape recorder.

The name "Man Outdoors" comes from a short horror film I tried to make called "The Man Outdoors" in which I tried to make a board of canada inspired soundtrack, this eventually led to me taking an interest in producing music in the style but sadly ignoring the film and loosing it finally during my great content loss of 2012.

Hardware: Korg Electribe EA1 and ES1, Yamaha SU10, Yamaha RX17, Novation Midi Keyboard, iPad + iPhone, Various circuit bent kids toys, cheap Turntable and a mini reel-to-reel recorder.

Software: Ableton Live lite 9, FLstudio 11, Pure Data, Sony Acid 7, various Apple store apps.